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My time so far as a youth worker for Transparent Presence CIC’s youth group, Transparent Youth Project, has not just been deeply rewarding and fun as a role to take on, but has also been utterly transformative. 

The current climate for trans and gender diverse people in the UK is difficult at best and terrifying at worst. So often, trans and gender diverse children are used as a political chess piece and as a crux for transphobic legislation. Working as a youth worker for TYP has not only been working within a nurturing, rewarding and supportive role, but has also felt to me like a radically beautiful way to enforce change and provide safety.

Within this role, engaging with gender diverse children or the children of gender diverse parents has been delightful. The youth group provides a space for growth, community building, forming connections and allowing gender diverse children to simply be what they are — children. With activities like performance skills, bushcraft survival, songwriting, rock pooling and many more, we are able to provide a marginalised community of children the space and safety to have fun! Focusing on the positives, building confidence and bringing joy is, to me, one of the most radical acts of resistance in a world that tries ceaselessly to take away smiles on the faces of children who deserve to just be children.

Being able to bring this group to a diverse amount of areas within Cornwall means that we are able to reach out to those families who may otherwise feel a lack of opportunity to access community support. This is a support group that I have thought to myself time and time again would’ve been transformative for me, as a gender diverse teenager growing up in Cornwall, and the pride I take in the ability I have to pass that on to the younger generation proceeding me now is immeasurable.

When I stepped into the role as youth worker for TYP, I didn’t just gain a job, but also the most supportive, understanding community of coworkers and friends alike that I could possibly ask for. Annie and Elliot Kenton have been endlessly understanding of my own personal complexities and neurodivergence and have gone above and beyond from day one to offer me support and accessibility. That mindset and deep, genuine kindness is not only apparent in the organisation and support network they have created, but is also apparent in the empathy and kindness they have shown me, as a coworker.

Working for Transparent Presence has been beautiful, from the day of my interview to my first day at work, from the support they offer as friends and the kindness they offer as professionals. I truly believe that this organisation will continue to make waves in the LGBTQ+ community in Cornwall, having finally provided a service and community that was much needed for a long, long time. 

Mason Edwards (he/him)

Youth Worker for TYP

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